Mitsouko by Guerlain

Mitsouko is a fragrance that still endures as a favourite of many women and beauty journalists alike. Mitsouko was created in 1919 and was a complete break from the purely chypre and aromatic Tomboy fougere’s that were the vogue of that era. Mitsouko is a warm and womanly blend of lush and rich amber and woods mixed upon a base chypre in character but ‘sex-kittenesque’ in flavour. Many famous women have claimed to have been tempted and tempted others by its unusual and glorious aroma and it is this enduring power that has made us decide to place Mitsouko in the Lip-Gloss Beauty All Stars List.

Mitsouko by Guerlain is modelled on the lead character in an old Japanese Love Story. Mitsouko was the wife of a Japanese Admiral, and a British officer during the war between Russia and Japan (1905). Both men went to war, and Mitsouko was forced to wait for her lovers to return to know which one was destined to be her lover and companion for the rest of her life.

This oriental, exotic and sensual theme is evident in the scent of this fabulous fragrance by perfumer Guerlain. Mitsouko’s brilliance is in its ability to balance and harmonise it’s two opposed fragrance facets.

The succulent and sweetness of ripe peach notes are sharpened and depended by the addition of Aldehyde, the crisp white bouquet of jasmine is enhanced and changed by the addition of a powerful overtone of rose and the rich smooth texture of vetiver is accented and remarked by the tartness of clove.

To these main opposing notes Guerlain added mandarin, neroli, oakmoss, pepper, lemon, Ylang-Ylang, labdanum, patchouli and cinnamon for further depth and intrigue and created the masterpiece that is Mitsouko.

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Fragrance Mitsouko

Mitsouko’s earthy, oriental, spicy, flowery and fruity fragrance is a combination that has inspired many famous actors, writers and film directors. For example, it is claimed that it was Jean Harlow’s favourite fragrance and before committing suicide after only 2 weeks of marriage her first husband covered himself in the fragrance. In the film ‘Belle du Jour’ Catehrine Deneuve smashes a huge bottle of Mitsouko on the floor before setting off to spend the afternoon as a prostiute before returning to her rich husband that night.

Mitsouko is a perfume that is as intriguing, mysterious and assertive as it’s large and varied history. It is certainly not a perfume for a girl; temptresses and confident women should only apply. As one ancient Japanese poet wrote about the Mitsouko woman ‘ one breath of her perume and your city is lost. Another and you forfeit a Kingdom’.

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Quick Tips For Making Mitsouko by Guerlain Last Longer.
1. Often the best way to make your fragrance or perfume last is to layer the scent. So begin in the shower or bath using a your designer fragrance bath and shower gel or soap. Next use a fragranced body cream, or for a lighter affect a perfumed body lotion massaged gently into the skin. After the fragranced body products have been absorbed into the skin, sprtiz the perfume strength all over the body.
2. Many fine fragrance experts and perfume connoisseurs recommend spraying an EDT, EDP or dabbing a Perfume onto the pulse points. These include the wrists, behind the ears, neck , behind the elbow and backs of the knees.
3. The ultimate Perfume Guide tip to making your fine fragrance or perfume last a long time is to spray your fragrance onto your hairbrush and running the fragranced brush through your hair. This is because the hair is more porous than the skin and absorbs the perfume quickly and effectively.
4. Another means of making a fragrance last is to scent your clothes, as well as your bed linens.
5. Many designer perfume houses advise that you spray the fragrance of perfume into the air a few inches in front of you, then step into the perfumed mist you have created for a subtle effect.


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