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Lancome Juicy Tubes

Lancome Juicy Tubes have in many ways revolutionised how we all look and wear makeup. They made us rethink how we wore lipstick and the effects that lipstick could give, making us retreat from solid matte or glitter shades and slick on the shiny lacquered effect.

Originally launched as a limited edition item these super shiny, fruity and ultra-sexy lipgloss’ became an absolute runaway success, forcing Lancome to revise their strategy and even expand the range.

Lancome Juicy Tubes

Lancome’s Juicy Tubes were one of the first Ultra-Shiny Lipgloss’ to deliver an incredible dewy lustre that looked almost wet and very sultry. This look immediately took hold on the public as they could be worn on their own, giving a light and natural but still glamorous look or over lipstick for a dramatic and very different image. The sticky texture of the Lancome’s Juicy Tubes also gave them staying power and a lasting shine like no other gloss had given and the juicy taste was a bonus too! These little glosses started appearing everywhere from housewives handbags to fashion divas clutches and this is why they have to be added to our all stars list.

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Lancome’s Juicy Tubes are not just a fad and can be worn in many shades. Each year new colours are launched to complement the season’s fashions and flavours, for example for 2005 they have released Je vous aime, Ultra-Light Kirsh, and Baby Doll and relaunched Petale in response to this year’s trend for light ‘girl-next-door’ lips. They come in 3 different types to suit all women of all ages and preferences. The first type are transparent, such as Cerise, these give a very light colour on the lips but still retain the incredible dewy shine and, as with Cerise, often have a little bit of glitter added for that extra touch of simple glamour.

The second type of Lancome’s Juicy Tubes are pearlised or semi-transparent. These offer more colour but without too much density such as Peche and Fraise. The last category of Juicy Tubes are the Pigmented Tubes, such as sultry Raisin, these can be worn as light lipsticks as they give excellent coverage with a gloss texture.

Use Lancome Juicy Tubes to make the lips look juicy with colour, glossy and twinkle and recreate this season’s look by using pretty, soft, bright colours such as pink, coral, apricot and rosy reds over lipstick but definitely without the liner. You never know once you have tried them you may never use lipstick again. However, one thing you must get used to is the texture; Hyper shine does come at a cost. Juicy Tubes are sticky and at first this can feel strange, but perceiver and you will not notice it in a while but if you cannot cope than you have to make a crucial decision?! Do you mind the initial feel of the stickiness for a longer staying product and more luscious looking and glossy lips?

Quick Tips For Using Lancome Juicy Tubes.
1. Begin applying the Juicy Tube at the centre of the top lip and apply your gloss following the natural "V" shape of the lip for an even coverage.
2. Next, fill in the upper lip by working from the outer corners towards the centre of your lip, taking care not to apply too much gloss at the corners, as this will create an uneven lipline.
3. Repeat for the lower lip.
4. Apply Lancome’s Juicy Tubes over lipstick for a dramatic glamorous effect and long-lasting effect.
5. Apply the gloss only once to the lips a second coat will only make it wear off quicker.

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