Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume

Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume

Angel Eau de Parfum was a complete revelation to the fragrance market when it was released in 1992. Created by Clarins for Fashion Designer Thierry Mugler, it was a unique blend of spices, florals and for the first time ever chocolate extract. Clarins, for Thierry Mugler, were able to synthetically reproduce the fragrant essence of chocolate through a complicated and patented method. This sweet chocolate essence gave Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler an instant attraction and was the key to Angel Eau De Parfum’s fame in the beauty press and across the whole of the country. This is why this groundbreaking perfume by Thierry Mugler had to be added to our Beauty All Stars List.

Its audacious young designer, Thierry Mugler launched this bold new scent with an equally bold, captivating and extravagant advertising campaign. Mugler wished to revolutionize the fashion and perfume worlds of the 80s and Angel Perfume and its advertising campaign was certainly a fantastic starting point.

When the Angel Perfume was first introduced in 1992, the original campaign showed Estelle Halliday on the roof of a New York skyscraper.

Then came Jerry Hall, sheathed in a tight-fitting silver-embroidered dress, on the white sands of the New Mexican desert. This multi-million dollar campaign was so lavish, hauntingly beautiful, fantastical and attractive that it ensured that the perfume on everyone’s lips and wrists was Angel Eau de Parfum.

Angel Gift Set 2005

Exquisite Angel Gift Set
Released for Christmas 2005

Angel Eau de Parfum’s star shaped bottle was also a revelation and so unique that many wearers keep it as a decoration in their bedrooms. The star shape takes inspiration from Thierry Mulger’s childhood imagination and memories of running onto the beach at night to watch the shooting stars in the sky. The bottle captures this memory with its sparkling form and mysterious blue colour. On every sensual level Angel by Thierry Mugler was an astonishingly beautiful creation. To Mugler a fragrance is meant to be experienced as an aura, like an Angel whispering fantasties and dreams in your ears and this ideal is evident in this enigmatic and beautiful fragrance for women.

Angel The Fragrance is a multitude of enigmatic and contrasting emotions. The fragrance maintains childhood innocence while also donating the wearer a powerful and magnetically seductive diva quality. It begins with a light and airy transparent top note full of bergamot and mandarin. These are quickly followed by a lasting heart of deliciously mellow and succulent fruits such as, passion fruit, peach and apricot. The luxurious and lasting base of this perfume is where the seductive diva edge takes hold with the aromatic blend of Patchouli, Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel.

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Quick Tips For Making Angel Eau de Parfum by Thierry Mugler Last.
1. Often the best way to make your fragrance or perfume last is to layer the scent. So begin in the shower or bath using a your designer fragrance bath and shower gel or soap. Next use a fragranced body cream, or for a lighter affect a perfumed body lotion massaged gently into the skin. After the fragranced body products have been absorbed into the skin, sprtiz the perfume strength all over the body.
2. Many fine fragrance experts and perfume connoisseurs recommend spraying an EDT, EDP or dabbing a Perfume onto the pulse points. These include the wrists, behind the ears, neck , behind the elbow and backs of the knees.
3. The ultimate Perfume Guide tip to making your fine fragrance or perfume last a long time is to spray your fragrance onto your hairbrush and running the fragranced brush through your hair. This is because the hair is more porous than the skin and absorbs the perfume quickly and effectively.
4. Another means of making a fragrance last is to scent your clothes, as well as your bed linens.
5. Many designer perfume houses advise that you spray the fragrance of perfume into the air a few inches in front of you, then step into the perfumed mist you have created for a subtle effect.

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